How you Should Hold Your Camera

If you’re not comfortable while shooting, it may be because you’re not holding your camera appropriately. In this case, having the best camera will not enable you to create sharp images, especially during cold seasons.

With that said, here are some tips on how you should hold your camera.

1. Tucking your arms

The most common mistake that photographers make is keeping their elbows out to the point of them facing sideways. In case you’re standing, the camera may not have enough support thereby leading to poor-quality images.

To correct this, it is recommended to stand up straight and then move your elbows toward the center of your chest.

2. Flat-footed feet when squatting

Crouching can make your body lose stability, therefore, interfering with your shooting. In this case, you can keep your feet flat and then support your elbows with your knees or just tuck them between your knees.

3. Supporting the camera with your arm

Another super creative technique is to use your arm for stability when standing. Simply cross your left arm around your chest then hold the right shoulder, and vice versa.

4. Supporting your body with any immobile object

You can also keep your upper body stable by supporting yourself with a tree, wall, or any other stable object.

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