4 Tips to Take Vape Cloud Photos Like a Pro

Vaping photography is a niche of photography that revolves around taking photos of people using their vapes while making various art tricks and more.

If vaping is done right, you can capture amazing photographs that can perfectly encapsulate any vaping moment into a timeless picture. That said, if you want to take vape cloud photos like a pro, you will need to use certain strategies.

To help you with that, we have prepared the following tips:

Ensure Proper Lighting

As with any type of photography, you want to ensure proper lighting if you want to come up with amazing, high-quality images. It gets even more important since you’ll be planning to take photos of vape clouds.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to set up good lighting. You can just invest in cheap ring lights as well as some LED lights. Additionally, you can use brilliant colors to make the surroundings much more vivid, thus giving your photos a special touch.

Decide the Location for the Photoshoot

Another important factor that can either make or break a vape cloud photoshoot is the location. First off, you want to decide which location you want for the pictures and how they can convey your message.

If you have a specific story to tell via your vape cloud photos, you have to choose a location that will allow you to do just that. For example, if you want to pass the message that vapes are much better than cigarettes, then you’d want to choose an area where lots of people are vaping or where there are lots of vapes around.

Learn How to Produce a Huge Vape Cloud

If you’re not a vaping master yourself, you can just hire someone who knows how to do some tricks while vaping. In particular, someone who knows how to make huge vape clouds, as those are what you’ll need for your photoshoot.

Additionally, you want to grab yourself an incense stick and place it in a holder. This will help make it easier for your model to make huge vape clouds.

We recommend letting your model decide on which type of vape he/she wants to use. It could either be a CBD vape, an e-juice, or an e-liquid.

Use the Right Equipment

Lastly, you have to use the right equipment for the photo shoot. As much as possible, use a quality camera that’s capable of capturing crisp and clear images. Ideally, you’d want to go for a DSLR camera for this. You can also use an iPhone if you have one, or a smartphone with a really high camera resolution.

You also need a backdrop that can provide a good contrast to your model and the vape cloud. Then you can also decide to invest in vape mods if you want to produce even more beautiful and colorful clouds.

Final Thoughts

Vape cloud photos are quite popular among the vaping community. So if you’re trying to make a name for yourself doing vape cloud photography, make sure to follow any of the tips provided above.

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