4 Tips to Take Vape Cloud Photos Like a Pro

Vaping photography is a niche of photography that revolves around taking photos of people using their vapes while making various art tricks and more.
If vaping is done right, you can capture amazing photographs that can perfectly encapsulate any vaping moment into a timeless picture. That said, if you want to take vape cloud photos like a pro, you will need to use certain strategies.
To help you with that, we have prepared the following tips:
Ensure Proper Lighting
As with any type of photography, you want to ensure…

How you Should Hold Your Camera

If you’re not comfortable while shooting, it may be because you’re not holding your camera appropriately. In this case, having the best camera will not enable you to create sharp images, especially during cold seasons.
With that said, here are some tips on how you should hold your camera.
1. Tucking your arms
The most common mistake that photographers make is keeping their elbows out to the point of them facing sideways. In case you’re standing, the camera may not have enough support …

Common Mistakes That Occur During Wildlife Photography and How to Steer Clear From Them

No one is perfect and a normal person can make mistakes often, even professionals. But this should never be a reason for you to quit taking amazing images.
For this reason, here are some common wildlife photography mistakes and how you can control them.
1. Wrong focusing
Typically, focusing errors occur when photographers employ improper focus modes, fail to focus rapidly due to fast-moving wildlife, or concentrate on the wrong part of the frame.

How to Get Creative Baby Photos Using a Backdrop

Watching your baby grow is one of the best moments for parents. Therefore, capturing all your baby’s movements should be done in a creative way to keep the memories alive. Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing so:
Step 1: Lighting – This step requires you to match the background lighting with that of the baby.
Step 2: The foreground – Put your Photoshop skills in check by selecting the nearest point of view for the observer, which is the foreground. For this part, we are going to be using …