Common Mistakes That Occur During Wildlife Photography and How to Steer Clear From Them

No one is perfect and a normal person can make mistakes often, even professionals. But this should never be a reason for you to quit taking amazing images.

For this reason, here are some common wildlife photography mistakes and how you can control them.

1. Wrong focusing

Typically, focusing errors occur when photographers employ improper focus modes, fail to focus rapidly due to fast-moving wildlife, or concentrate on the wrong part of the frame.

Fortunately, you may prevent this issue by employing continuous focus on moving animals and manual focus on static animals. In other cases, you can attempt to focus the wildlife’s eyes.

2. Incorrect exposure

Incorrect exposure could lead to overexposure or underexposure thereby disrupting the amount of light that makes contact with the sensor of your camera. This could cause too shadowy or too bright images.

It is recommended to change the metering option 2 center-weighted thereby exposing the image’s center appropriately. You can also prevent other exposure problems like graying whites by hitting your camera’s exposure compensation menu.

3. Dress code

Blending your dress code with that of the surrounding may seem ineffective but this can prevent you from becoming more prominent. Therefore, avoid wearing outfits with different bright colors and opt for neutral colors instead.

4. Framing and compensation

Framing is an essential part of photography since it allows you to include an enticing composition. Unfortunately, most photographers end up cutting off some parts of the subject.

The only solution here is to avoid rushing and try to eliminate any prominent elements that divert the attention of viewers from the subject. You can also try to take a shot whenever the animal looks at your camera thus capturing pleasing shots.

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