Nowadays, camera drones have become more famous with most filmmakers and photographers making use of them every day to acquire perfect shots from various angles. Drones also include simple controls, which makes flying them more manageable.

Unfortunately, some drones are costly but there are a few which fit most budgets whilst providing optimum functionality. You can check them out below:

1. DJI Air 2S Quadcopter UAV Drone

This type of camera drone includes a 1-inch image sensor, perfect for capturing high-quality videos. It also features a technological advancement called master shots that has an intelligent function for taking perfect shots with simply one tap.

The sensor is also very active, which allows the drone to evade obstacles by changing directions from up and down to backward and forward.

2. Skydio 2+ Camera Drone

Skydio is an American firm that specializes in cheap but functional configurations. Unfortunately, the range of the Skydio 2+ drone is low since it is solely controlled by Wi-Fi and a mobile application. But you can still use a custom radio controller with the radio beacon to extend the range and make impressive cinematography.

3. DJI Mini 3 Pro

Being one of the most lightweight drones, you can easily carry and fly it during any outdoor event. Another amazing feature of DJI Mini 3 Pro is that it can sense collisions thereby averting the drone’s direction to safety. However, this option might be a little bit more expensive. Still, it is worth it due to the included remote, durable batteries, and ability to pick up portrait images.

4. Autel EVO Nano+

We can all agree that drones from DJI are the best but they cannot beat EVO Nano drones when it comes to collision sensors. They are by far the perfect choice for a sudden change of direction whenever an obstacle is on the way, all thanks to the large environment sensor. This drone is therefore perfect for use during live events, YouTube content, and more.

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